We are giving you as many reasons possible to help you choose the BEST!


The cost of hardware and software required to track the vehicles is very less compared to other products in the market.


Our software is made in such a way that all the components are fully customizable. Any module can be added or removed easily.

User Friendly

The dashboard and UI is very easy to understand and operate with. Even a person with no experience can easily start tracking the vehicles.

Web-Based Application

As our application is a web-based, there isn't a need to install any other applications to view the dashboard or use the features. It can be accessed from anywhere, from any supported device with a valid Log-In.


As there is no need for any other software, the Aquila portal can be accessed from anypart of the world.

Mobile Application

A new dedicated mobile application for android and ios is available so that the vehciles can be tracked on the go!

Separate Log-in ids

Creating multiple logins for the fleet managers has never been more easier. Create multiple logins with a single click!

GPS Based Tracking

Our tracking is based on real-time GPS to ensure smooth and accurate tracking of the vehciles.


We take privacy of data seriously. This is why our platform employs highly secure algorithms and methods of encryption. Our application uses AES-256 encryption to secure privately identifiable data.

Smaller Investment

The overall investment required to setup and run tracking of the fleet is very less compared to other products in the market.

Fast Boot Time

The portal opens up in a jiff, eliminating any wait time to track the vehicles.

SMS integration

All the alerts generated are sent to your e-mail and the registered mobile number(s).

WhatsApp Integration

The generated alerts can also be sent as a WhatsApp message to the registered mobile number.

Live Tracking

The live tracking of each and every registered vehcile can be viewed from the admin portal. The tracking is guranteed to be upto 100% accurate.

Custom Reports

Creating your own customised report based on the parameters you need has never been more easier! Just select the parameters, choose the cars and hit GO.

Travel Replay

Been busy to track the vehicles live? Watch the complete travel replay of any registered vehicle in your free time.


Set a sepicifed region where the vehicles are allowed to travel. Any breach in this area, alerts will be sent to the registered e-mail address, mobile number and will also be displayed in the portal.

Vehicle Management

Managing the fleet has also been simplified. Get timely reminder for service, access the driver profiles, view registartion and many more things.


Unauthorised activity of your fleet? Immobilize the vehicle with one click!

God's View

A unique feature of our application, it allows the owner of a fleet to view all their vehicles, live without any lag in a single view. Irrespective of whether the fleet has 10, 100, 1000 or 10,000 vehicles, God's view shows them all.


The complete application is built on the foundation of micro services with each being uniquely built to cater to a function. This helps in achieving scalability of the application.

Infinite Scalability

AquilaTrack is built on a strong foundation of intricately designed databases and uses multi cloud architecture. This allows it to easily cater to more than 1 Million devices.

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