Being a new age startup, at ZELIOT we always make use of the latest technologies in building our products. The IoT platform and the telematics application - AquilaTrack - is way ahead of the competition when it comes to use of newer technologies. This has made them superfast and infinitely scalable. As a result, AquilaTrack is capable of harvesting Big Data and provide intelligent business analytics.


The complete application is built on micro services with each being uniquely built to cater a function. This helps in achieving scalibility of the application.

Big Data Application.

Telematics devices generate huge amounts of data. Aquilatrack uses Big Data technologies to process this data and given meaningful insights to the vehicle or fleet owners.

Infinite Scalability.

AquilaTrack is built on a strong foundation of intricately designed databases and uses multi cloud architecture. This allows it to easily cater to more than 1 Million devices.

Defence Grade Security.

We take the privacy of data seriously. This is why our platform employs highly secure algorithms and methods of encryption. Our application uses AES-256 encryption to secure privately identifiable data.

Cloud Native Stack.

Embracing a cloud-native stack, AquilaTrack is built to run across a range of diverse cloud infrastructures. With automated live patching and upgrades at all levels of the stack, downtime is eliminated.

God's View.

A unique feature of our application, it allows the owner of a fleet to view all their vehicles, live without any lag in a single view. Irrespective of whether the fleet has 10, 100, 1000 or 10,000 vehicles, God's views shows them all.