What Is


SCHOOL SAHARA is a complete solution for the school management to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their fleet. The Hardware used is AIS-140 standarised.




Track the school buses in real time to view the exact location of the students. Also, watch the complete travel replay of where the buses have been. This feature saves a lot of time for the parents who wait at the bus stop for the school bus. The Live tracking can be viewed from the Parent's mobile application and from the School's native App.


RFID Integration

RFID devices can be integrated in the buses so that the attendance can be taken directly when the student boards the bus. When the attendance has been marked, a text message will be sent to the parent so that they are notified regarding the whereabouts of their child. This cuts down a lot of time for the teachers.


Automatic Routing

Pickups, drops, routes has always been a major time consuming affair for the school management. But, using our solution, routing is a piece of cake. We have developed a unique algorithm where the inputs required are number of students, their addresses and the total number of buses available. With this data, our algorithm preciesly gives the correct route to be followed in order to increase efficiency and reduce time.


Reports And Alerts

Reports are always time consuming and difficult to make. With our application, you can make a customised report with just a few clicks. The generated report can be then downloaded as a .pdf file or .xlsx (excel) file.
Get instant alerts and notifications if the vehicle is overspeeding, if there is a service due, if the vehicle is being harsh accelerated or harsh braked.



The Security of the the children inside the school bus is another major point which needs to be taken into consideration. By installing a panic button inside the bus, the students can press that in case of an emergency. Pressing the button instantly alerts the emergency personnel, the school management and also the parents.



By implementing School SAHARA, the efficiency of the management is drastically increased, the fleet can be
tracked using any supported device and at any time.
Looking at the recieved alerts, the management can take
a call on the drivers descisions.

cost reduction

The School Management can save a lot of money over time by implementing School SAHARA. Using the smart and automatic routing algorithm, the routes are put up
efficiently and accuratley, hence saving fuel costs and reducing time. As the module notifies when the service is due, servicing vehicles at the right time increases the life span of the fleet.

Save Time

School SAHARA will save a lot of time for the management as all the reports, routing, notifing the parents regarding
the events of the pickup, drop, etc are automated. The management can utilise this time to handle other affairs.